The “Coach Mac” Attack

I was talking to Capt. Obvious on the phone earlier about what we were going to call Ruffin McNeil when he became head coach of our East Carolina Pirates. We came up with some ideas that were sub-par and all involved words that rhymed with Ruff…and they were so bad that I am not including them on here.

I just came across this gem of a photo on Facebook from Dave Singleton. Incredible find!

Let’s get a list of nicknames going on in the comment section below. I will start after I post this.

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9 Comments For This Post

  1. ghostlikeswayze Says:

    I went ahead and tossed mine in the title of the post but I am going with:


  2. J Mohn Says:

    Coach that Ruffin Stuffem Defense!

  3. Steelbeard Says:

    Coach Ruff, leading the Ruff Ryders out on the field.

  4. Pirates1 Says:

    Gonna be a great year. Be sure to watch the Press Conference live on at 11:00am.

  5. Rob Bass Says:

    I like the “RUFF RYDERS”!

  6. KWCorona Says:

    Don’t was already have a Coach Mac?

  7. CFO Pirate Says:

    Gotta go with Coach Ruff. Seems that he refers to himself as “Ruff” and I like it.

    I think we need to incorporate “Ruff Ryders Anthem” by DMX somehow into our music line up!

  8. Boom Says:

    How about Coach Ready.

    As in, Coach Ruffin “Ready” McNeill.

    There has got to be some nicknames that were used during his playing days, eh?

  9. 2ND2NONE Says:

    Yeah it would be nuts if they had some DMX stuff playing