Where will you be on Beale Street?

Mon, Dec 28, 2009

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Courtesy of a good friend over on Boneyard Banter, NashvillePirate has been kind enough to provide Pirate fans with some insight into Memphis and where to go and what to do when you are there supporting the Pirates for the 2010 Autozone Liberty Bowl. We took the liberty of adding in links to a bunch of these places so you can click on them on your iPhone as you are walkin’ in Memphis…with your feet ten feet off of Beale. Here it goes:

A Pirate’s Guide to Memphis

First off, I know this is a lot of information, but if you have any questions that I haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to email me. I’d much rather be playing in Memphis and have to answer questions than be playing somewhere else and not be the CHAMPS!!!

Where to Stay


Midtown – I would think that anything in Midtown would be fine.  It’s a short cab ride to Beale. Make sure you don’t leave anything in your vehicle in plain sight(iPods, computers, etc.)

E. Memphis


  • Anywhere



  • Anything out by Wolfchase Galleria Mall(first mall you see whendriving in town-G’town Pkwy exit.) Lot’s of affordable hotels that are in a very safe area with plenty of family entertainment.

Where not to stay

  • Anywhere near the airport
  • Anything in Raleigh or North Memphis
  • Anything in South Memphis
  • Anything outside of what I’ve listed as where to stay, email me w/questions at

Where to play

Pirate Club and Alumni Associaition Pirate Party on Beal Street

Silky O’Sullivans

This is the ECU hangout and right smack on Beale Street.


Disco bar which is frequented at late night hours. The DJ,Raiford, is a legend and he only plays music from the 70’s and 80’s. It’s probably the best place to have a good time in Memphis outside of Beale Street. Make sure you where your dancing shoes because if your going in, your dancing…

Ernestine and Hazels

Off of south main, it’s more a younger hot spot, but they have a helluva a burger. It’s a pretty cool spot, too, because it’s an old brothel…lot’s of history.

Anything on Beale

If you go to Beale Street and don’t find a good time, I don’t know what to tell you.

Where to eat


Midtown/E. Memphis

-I’m not familiar enough w/ each of these places to list what they
are, but if your staying in either area and want to get something a
little different, and not touristy google them and check them out.

Best BBQ in town

Pulled Pork

BBQ Nacho’s


BBQ Spaghetti

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