Watch fer rock slides, ye Memphis bound Pirates

Mon, Dec 14, 2009

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Unless you have been hiding under a rock… Wow…that would have been an awful start to a post.

If you are planning on driving to Memphis to support the Pirates in the 2010 Autozone Liberty Bowl against the Arkansas Razorbacks, you had better pull out that road atlas that you got from AAA and start planning your route now.

Not only does traffic on New Year’s Day suck balls but the complications that the rock slide on I-40 in October has created make traveling from North Carolina to Tennessee a huge bitch. Luckily, one of our good Pirate buddies over at Boneyard Banter has posted the best way to get around this rock slide while avoiding a bunch of stupid people following their GPS navigation systems to the center of the rock slide.

Here are NashvillePirate’s direction to avoid all of these rock slide shenanigans:

For those driving from Greenville, I’d take 40W to W-S, 52 N to 77 into VA, then hit 81S towards Knoxville and pick up 40 again….that’s just my advice because I’ve made the trip 3 times for Pirate football since the rock slide. It’s not longer than 40 all the way.

You should listen to him because Google Maps agrees with him as well. If you have never been to Memphis, you are missing out. Set your plans right now to make it. The ECU Pirates need all hands on deck! See you there!


If you have made this trip before and know of any hot spots to stop for food along the way, post some locations (with the highway and exit numbers) so people won’t be forced to eat crappy Wendy’s the entire way to Memphis. I will start it out…

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  1. ghostlikeswayze Says:

    I stopped at this place called Aunt Bea’s in between King, NC and Mt. Airy, NC a few months back. It was a great burger and great sweet tea.

    Highway 52; Exit 134

    Call your order in ahead: (336) 368-2300‎

  2. PurpGoldPir8 Says:

    Some of the best ribs, BBQ, and brisket I’ve ever had was at a place called Rendezvous. From what I could tell, it’s one of the best kept secrets in downtown Memphis, located down an alley in a basement. The location is 52 South Second St. in downtown Memphis, if you happen to go see the ducks at the Peabody, you can walk right to it.

    Waiting is kind of a drag if you have more than 4 with you since space is fairly limited in the downstairs area. They have created an upstairs party area where you can fit your large party or grab a beer while you’re waiting.

    The store is family owned and has been passed down through 3 generations. The family cooks and serves you some of the best flavors in Memphis. I’ve attached the website so that you can learn more.

    I won’t be making the trip this year, but happy to share the best place in Memphis I ate at with you!


  3. AZinNC Says:

    An alternate route that only adds about 30-45 minutes is to go through Atlanta and Birmingham. Google Maps provides 2 alternate routes using I-95 to I-20, plus I-85. I am actually going to split my trip in 2 – leaving G-Vegas on the 30th and staying at a friend’s house in northern Atlanta. The next day, I’ll be going through Birmingham and on up to Memphis. If anyone knows of a good place to eat along that route, please let me know.

    Go Pirates!

  4. Joyce Says:


    If your gonna start dropping BYB handles on your blog, you’re gonna need my permission before dropping my name. I’ll have my attorney get in contact w/ your people. Glad you posted this. That route is without a doubt the best option besides 40. There is vitually no mountain roads, it’s all straight ahead interstate travel, and it’s actually like only 15 minutes longer than 40 straight through. See ya on Beale…

  5. Joyce Says:

    Loveless Cafe, just west of Nashville. It’s awesome!

  6. ghostlikeswayze Says:

    Nice shout on the alternate route. I have heard good stuff about the Loveless Cafe, too!