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Mon, Nov 23, 2009

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After the Pirates’ victory over UAB this past weekend and a loss by SMU, the Pirates now control their own destiny on the road to the C-USA Championship.  With a win this upcoming weekend against Southern Miss, ECU would win the east division of C-USA and host Houston in the championship game at Dowdy Ficklen Stadium on December 5th.  However, Southern Miss is no easy test.

ECU has not beaten Southern Miss at home since 1994.  Southern Miss has clearly been our biggest rival within the eastern division and they always play us tough.  We must not look ahead to December 5th and maintain focus on the task at hand.  Many have expressed concern of this game and the lack of atmosphere due to the Thanksgiving break.  I believe we will all be surprised by the immense turnout on November 28.  Although many fans will travel out of town on Thursday and Friday, I am sure they understand the magnitude of this game and the implications it has.

We need all hands on deck so make sure to plan your holiday festivities around the Pirates because we need every seat in Dowdy-Ficklen to be full on November 28th. GO PIRATES!!!

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  1. J Mohn Says:

    This Pirate will be there!

    Beat Southern Nemesis_sippi!!!!!!!!

  2. J Mohn Says:

    The coaching carousel is rotating but like DailyDoc said yesterday there are just not a lot of horses in the rotation. The same yesterday morning Kansas and Notre Dame were the only BCS jobs remaining but as soon as the sun was setting on the east Brian Kelly of Cincinnati was jockeying to Notre Dame. This may sound like good news to East Carolina fans given Skip Holtz’s connection to South Bend but that still means there are two BCS jobs remaining and Cincinnati and Kansas may have their eyes setting on the Pirate prospect.

    Skip Holtz says he hasn’t spoken with any other schools about coaching jobs but that was almost a week ago. Yesterday I wasn’t aware of any noise but today, “Google Alert Created” and I’m afraid I know how this story ends. It goes something like this:

    Skip arrives off the road to the eastern front with his friends Terry Holland, Todd Fitch and Greg Hudson. There they engage in frequent battles and endure the dangerous and often lifeless conditions of C-USA road battles. While fighting, winning and taking his comrades to bigger battles, he could only take them as far as the road to liberty would allow. After another victorious seasonal war he meets Lew Perkins; or is it Mike Thomas? I guess we’ll have to wait for the road back.

    Anybody have a better ending?

    Update: According to Cinci has asked for permission to talk to Houston coach Kevin Sumlin.

    Update #2[Brian]: There is some chatter on Twitter that Kansas is very interested in Skip Holtz. The AD at Kansas is Lew Perkins who hired Holtz at UConn in 1994.