Pirate Out and Black Out…two classic mistakes…

As many of you have heard, there has been much talk about a Pirate Out (everyone dress up like a pirate) and a Black Out (everyone wear black) for the Virginia Tech game on November 5.  I have many questions and concerns about this.

First, who’s ideas were these?  Second, why would/should ECU consider backing these?  Purple and Gold are ECU’s colors. My idea of any type of “out” is a Purple Out.   The most purple that I have ever seen in Dowdy-Ficklen was for the UCF game when they had the University sponsored Purple Out.  Now, as the nation watches on a Thursday night on ESPN our stadium will be littered with a bunch of people dressed like pirates and a bunch of others wearing black.

This could make us the laughing stock of college football. Even if we only have 50 people dressed like those Pirates in the Caribbean pirates with the mascara and goofy mustaches, ESPN will be putting them all over national television all night (in HD, no less). Not only is this embarrassing (at least for me) but it could also hurt our recruitment, locally and throughout the nation. If Pirate Out goes how I think it will, it has the potential to hurt us more than it will “be a cool thing to do”.

If I recall correctly, wasn’t Halloween last weekend. Why the need to carry it over to Thursday night? Have you ever actually seen someone dressed like a pirate? It is kind of scary/creepy unless it is one of the pirate hookers that you see during Halloween. The thing is that I don’t see a bunch of the hot girls at ECU coming out in the full get up unless they dressed as a pirate hooker for Halloween.

On a similar note, can someone explain to me why the Student Pirate Club was given purple shirts and now they are being asked to wear black or dress up like a pirate? Geez, what happened to the days where fans came to games wearing their school colors.

My hope is that you all come dressed in Purple and Gold and support the Pirates as we battle a tough Virginia Tech team.   If you visit this Web site promoting Pirate Out, at the bottom you will see a field where it asks how many Pirates you are bringing to the game.  In the comment section below, I want to know how many people dressed in Purple and Gold you are bringing to the game. Let’s stick to our colors and wear them proudly in Dowdy-Ficklen on November 5th.

Anyways, I thought I would toss in a pirate hooker gallery in hopes that if some people do dress up like pirates that it is be chicks and they dress up like the girls below.

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  1. CaptJohnRackham Says:

    Well stated. This is a topic that has been disputed feverishly over on I believe the idea of the “Pirate Out” was formed from a student group who wanted to be the first to the punch on labeling our nationally televised game. This was quickly backed by the AA as being the official “theme” of the game. Apparently, another group began talks of a “black-out” to combat your view of not wanting to look like a bunch of students who are still dressed from Halloween.

    I would support the movement of having a Purple out over either one of these ideas. We are indeed Pirates, but you don’t see the Penn State in lion outfits or Georgia in bulldog masks. These two institutions are the ones, I feel, made having at color-out noticable on television. The only way I would support any one of these causes is if the Athletic department and/or East Carolina University supported one of these actions. Neither have made a statement on the idea. Boneheads have contacted the Athletic department who took the stance that they really don’t care what color you’re wearing when you arrive, as long as you are loud and supportive of the Pirates.

    In the end, true fans like myself traditionally wear their Pirate gear to football games and wouldn’t be swayed on changing their shirt if they were given one. Bottom line, Pirates should show up and get loud for our Pirates. Let the ones who dress as Jack Sparrow or wear a non-ECU color look like idiots.

  2. Space Wrangler Says:

    Capt. – I thought this was a family program…

    Seriously though, this train wreck of an idea (or should I say ideas) is going to make us look like a joke. The fact that we as a community can’t even come up with one idea and get behind it is even more unsettling. Riddle me this, Pirate/Black Out supporters:

    When was the last time UNC did a “Ram Out” or a “Black Out”?
    How about State College?
    I’m pretty sure I have seen Wake do one, but it probably had something to do with black being A SCHOOL COLOR!
    Carolina does the “Turn it Blue”, but I’m pretty sure that costs a pretty penny to give out the shirts they do every year (I mention this not so much as a comparison as it is a point of information).

    As stated before; I just want an “Attendance Out”. Fill the stands, and wear whatever the hell you want.

  3. ghostlikeswayze Says:

    I helped out on the post a little bit and I think I can be the one to blame for the PG-13 rating. I got a little carried away with the pirate hooker thing.

    I am seriously scared about the effect that Pirate Out could have on our university. It could be detrimental to our recruiting and that is something a growing university cannot afford to have happen.

  4. Space Wrangler Says:

    ghost – you know I am always game for a quality Pirate Hooker!

    I agree on the negative effects, and here is why:

    Best case scenario- A lot of people dress like Pirates and ESPN talks about it as a hangover from Halloween.

    Worst case scenario- we look like idiots, we show a national tv audience that we can’t decide on one theme and stick with it (as terrible as either theme is), we get called Butt Pirates by our in-state brethren, our recruits watch the game with their friends and blush every time their buddies make fun of their school of choice, and the list goes on.

    Notice that the best-case scenario isn’t desirable at all. Do these people not get it that if the AD can’t even 100% support it and ask people to jump in line, then maybe its not a good idea…

  5. Ed Says:

    I can’t believe the amount of fuss this is causing…

    The black out idea would be great if the team were going to wear black. I understand they couldn’t do this because of the cost issue, and that’s fair enough. It’s a bit like going to a fancy dress party and the hosts not dressing up, but whatever, no big deal.

    As for a pirate out… i think 43000 people dressed up as pirates would be an incredible spectacle and speak volumes about the dedication and inginuity of the ECU support. There’s a couple who sit down from us on the upper deck and they’re always fully dressed up as pirates.

    Who cares about what UNC and NC State do, we’re East Carolina and we should be proud of it. Part of our heritage is the Pirates legend…who wants to dress up like a Ram, a wolf or a Hokie (whatever that is) anyway.

    It’s not going to hurt our recruiting chances, we’re not going to look like a joke on national tv, some people will be dressed up like Pirates, some will wear black, some purple and some gold…just like any other home game.

  6. ghostlikeswayze Says:

    Ed – To each his own. I just don’t like the idea. I have the feeling that someone dressed up as a pirate will be sitting right in front of me and his/her massive hat will be blocking my view of the game. Talk about a nightmare situation.

    Space – We will just have to see what happens. My DVR is already set to scoop up the game as well as any pregame. Hopefully, we are making a mountain out of a mole hill and nothing will be said about it. If not, I have to take crap from my brother and another NCSU alum that I live with…

  7. brad Says:

    I think the Pirate Out/Black Out will work out fine. You have to remember that the game is at night. Even if everyone wore purple, for example, purple blends into the night just about like black does, so from that perspective there is not much difference.

    The Pirate Out will be fine as far as TV and recruits. Whenever I watch an ESPN game I see some people dressed up in interesting/odd outfits. It is really no big deal.

  8. Ed Says:

    Exactly Ghost, to each his own…it’s not something that’s going to cause national embarresment, and if recruits are put off by what people are wearing we probably don’t need them here anyway!

    Anyway, i hate to disagree with you, cos i really enjoy 200ytl, keep up the great work!

  9. ghostlikeswayze Says:

    Ed – No worries. I am glad you like the site. We are trying to make this into a community for Pirate fans to voice their opinions and share stuff. I am in the process of trying to figure out about putting a forum on the site but have been slammed with work in my real job. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in the comment section. I just wish everyone that read the blog would do the same. GO PIRATES!

  10. J Mohn Says:

    I’ll be dressing warm for it being ‘Cold Out’. I’ll drink like a ‘Pirate Out’ at a tailgate. My colors will be made ‘Out’ of Purple and Gold. I will ‘Black Out’ from celebrating the win!

  11. ghostlikeswayze Says:

    A Message To The Pirate Nation: Purple and Gold Support, Along with Pirate Fan Initiatives

    Nov. 4, 2009

    Think back to September 6, 2008 and the Pirates vs. No. 8 West Virginia.

    That was the most electrifying game atmosphere I have personally witnessed in my 50 years in intercollegiate athletics. The Pirate Nation in the stands and the players on the field were in total sync the whole game. It was a truly magical environment that gave us all goosebumps. Every cheer was part and parcel to what was happening on the field at that point of the game. At no time did the crowd retreat to self-entertainment like “the wave”, which is fine at halftime, but when the ball is in play, the Pirate Nation’s focused support makes the difference for our team.

    There are some similarities for the Thursday night game against Virginia Tech, although for different reasons. The parking lots will not be available until shortly before game time, so the focus will be on getting parked and getting into the stadium, and Pirate fans will be anticipating that something special will happen and will be ready to be a part of making it happen!

    Pirate fans have come up with two initiatives for this game and the athletics department does its best to support fan initiatives out of respect for what the Pirate Nation means to our success. Therefore, athletics supports the fan initiative to have an official black shirt for this game as well as encouraging all Pirate fans to consider dressing as a Pirate for this game.

    It is always proper and important to show our PURPLE and GOLD. Therefore, we encourage everyone on the South Side (behind the ECU bench) of the stadium to bring something GOLD and all on the North side (behind the VT bench) to bring something Purple to wave as the Pirate Nation welcomes a national television audience with a PURPLE/GOLD cheer that will rattle windows in the Triangle. Hats, towels, T-shirts, whatever you have to show the colors.

    ECU Football is at its best when the Pirate Nation is focused on what is happening on the field because that is the one thing that is important to all of us. So dress like a Pirate, wear PURPLE, BLACK, GOLD or POLKA DOTS if it helps you get focused on the game … but don’t be distracted by what other good Pirates decide to wear.

    And remember to treat our guests from Blacksburg as well as they treated us in Blacksburg in 2007. This has been a respectful rivalry that could develop into something special as evidenced by the game played in Charlotte last season and the camaraderie of both fan bases as they tailgated together.

    As always, the best thing we can do as Pirate fans at any game is to treat visitors, visiting teams and other ECU fans with respect, while loudly and passionately cheering in support of our Pirates.



  12. ghostlikeswayze Says:

    J Mohn – That is what I like to hear! Taking every side and running with it.

    I am a big fan of Terry Holland’s letter. The ol’ Pirate Out got in my head and wouldn’t leave but he hit the nail on the head with worrying about the reason that we are all going to be there: FOOTBALL. He pinpointed the exact feeling that I had at the WVU game last year.

  13. DM Says:

    I love them sexy pirate hookers!!!