Bagwell Field looks bad ass right now…

Thu, Nov 5, 2009

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Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium is going to be electric tonight. Not only are the stands going to be stuffed to the brim but we will be looking down onto a new logo on Bagwell Field. If you do not walk into Dowdy-Ficklen tonight around 7:00 p.m. and feel all of the energy inside of you, there must be something wrong with you. Thank you to the ECU Pirate Club Twitter account for posted this picture to help me get less work done today than I already planned.

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9 Comments For This Post

  1. Space Wrangler Says:

    that thing is TITS

  2. Jennifer Says:

    That is AWESOME!!!!

  3. J Mohn Says:

    O_M_G_! That is BAD ASS!

  4. E Mohn Says:

    Awesome…. Best Logo in college football.

  5. cgb Says:

    That is fucking awesome, it is on par with the LSU Tiger eye. Good luck tonight guys.

  6. J Mohn Says:

    The barbeque was good, the beer was good, the girls looked good, the field looked good, the helmets looked good,Defense was good; ECU’s offense….not so much….

    …Miscues and penalties and penalties and miscues and Pinckney again – very inconsistent.

  7. Space Wrangler Says:

    that was a laughable (depending on who you pull for) offensive outing by the Pirates. I think everyone in our section realized early on that if you can’t get Pinkney protection, then he is going to hit receivers in their backs all night because they aren’t out of their routes yet. Should the receivers have noticed the blitzes coming off the line and looked back for the ball earlier? Sure. However, that was the tip of the iceberg of the problems we had moving the ball yesterday…

  8. cgb Says:

    The offensive performance by both teams should be made into a DVD, How Not to Score Points. Y’alls helmets were fucking awesome by the way. I hope you guys win the rest of them.

  9. Lavonne Says:

    I am so ashamed of this innecidt. First and foremost, I hate it for the individuals who where battered by the hired security AKA Lenoir County Sheriff Detective. Also, way to go Lenoir County Sheriff Department on bringing negative attention to ECU on a national televised stage. The hard work of so many people will now get pushed to the way side for the main story to be police brutality instead of ECU upsetting West Virgina. If the Kinston Police Department has issued a statement, then why hasn’t the Lenoir County Sheriffs Department issued a statement when its one of their employees? After all its their detective who is throwing punches down in the right hand corner in the ESPN 4 second clip on You Tube. I hope the fan who got beat and ECU lawyer up concerning this innecidt.