ECU Softball expansion gets underway.

Thu, Oct 22, 2009

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As I passed by the corner of Greenville and Charles Blvd. I noticed something a little different.  I began to slow my vehicle and was amazed at the number of trees that lay flat on the ground.  Beginning Wednesday, October 21, T.A. Loving Company in collaboration with ER Lewis Construction, began the removal of trees and other shrubbery from the site of what is soon to be a new 1,000 seat softball stadium that will includes 250 chair back seats, a press box, toilets, and other support elements.

This stadium expansion is part of the new Olympic Sports Complex that is to be completed within the next 3-5 years.  The Olympic Sports Complex will contain a new Softball Stadium, an eight lane track, a new soccer stadium, offices for soccer, softball, tennis, and track and field and a proposed practice gym for basketball and volleyball.   The complex has been much anticipated and much needed.  The new Softball stadium is anticipated to be finished sometime during the upcoming 2010 ECU softball season. Thus, the women will start their season in their current ball park and midway through the season move over to the new stadium.  After they move to the new stadium, the old stadium will be torn down to make room for the eight lane track complex that will parallel Charles Blvd.

Softball Complex

Once the track is finished the current track and soccer field will be moved south of its current location and a new soccer stadium will be constructed.  Once this is complete, hopefully their will be ample room for a new men’s and women’s basketball and Volleyball facility.

NOTE: I am sure many of you are reminiscing of your days playing disc golf or tailgating in the softball lot for football games.  None of us like to see these great traditions taken from us, but as ECU grows, we must look at the big picture and see there is great opportunity in these facility enhancements.

As I review these great upgrades and enhancements to our facility’s, it makes meproud to say that I am a Pirate.  We have come along way from our days as E.C.T.C and now we are a growing and promising university.

Below are a few shots taken from Bluewaterpirate over on the BYB.  We will continue to keep you updated as the progress continues.  Also, let us know what you think about the construction and expansion in the comments section.

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  1. pirate... all day Says:

    we really need that

  2. grammar_police Says:

    Thanks for keeping the old EZU stereotype alive and well! Unless EZU has begun offering a basic grammar course, I’m not too sure how promising the university is. Wow, it really shows that you are a Pirate.

    their – pronoun, possessive form of they
    there – adverb or pronoun (pronoun in this example, as in a point in time)

    facility’s – possessive form of facility
    facilities – plural form of facility

    a long – denoting distance
    along – preposition or adverb

    Be honest, are you really a college graduate?

  3. arrrggghh Says:

    Be honest grammer_police if you hate ECU so bad then stay away from our blog’s. If ECU is so easy then let me see you come and get into our Nursing program, or better yet, graduate from any of our programs (including the college of business that is currently top ranked in the United States!)

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