Get your flu shot before heading to Chapel Hill

Thu, Sep 17, 2009

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UNC Swine Flu

Bottles of Purell hand sanitizer have been flying of the shelves in Greenville leading up to this weekend’s ECU vs. UNC game in Chapel Hill this weekend. However, the hottest selling item at the Wally World in Greenville, NC so far this week has been the Purple & Gold swine flu mask that ECU students and fans have been adamant about getting before they arrive in Chapel Hill on Saturday. The Tarholes lead the University of North Carolina School System in most confirmed cases of H1N1 flu virus, commonly known as Swine Flu.

According to the News and Observer’s blog ‘Under The Dome’,

The largest numbers are at UNC-Chapel Hill, which through last week had nearly 700 cases. That’s more than twice the 309 cases reported by N.C. State over essentially the same period, and NCSU is a larger institution.

Most other universities report far lower numbers. Wake Forest has seen about 200 cases, and Duke has had about 170. At Peace, the small women’s college in Raleigh, Murray is one of 13 students to get it.

The totals are likely higher. These numbers represent only students who seek help from a campus health office. The cases are mild and so far have not led to mass absences.

More hand washing could help slow the virus spread. One professor says students need to hear how unpleasant the illness is to get them to wash up.

I don’t know if this is a scare tactic brought up by the Tarholes to try and strengthen their home field advantage or whether they have been having too many wine & cheese cocktails in the slop bucket recently. I, for one, am going to watching out for any kind of BBQ that isn’t Boss Hog’s, Bea’s or Parker’s. Don’t trust the Chapel Hill BBQ. Stick with some good ol’ Eastern North Carolina BBQ.

Apparently, this is what happens when you eat BBQ from Chapel Hill and contract the Tarhole strain of the H1N1:


Picture was snagged from the Facebook-iverse.

Where is everyone tailgating this weekend in Chapel Hill? The editors of 200YTL would love to come by and drink a couple of Purple & Gold Bud Lights with you. Let us know in the comment section below.

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6 Comments For This Post

  1. J Mohn Says:

    I had an opportunity to go this game but…. Chapel Hill, noon kick-off, rain, Chapel Hill….I think I’ll kick back and watch it on ESPN. For what its worth, my dad & bros will be representing.

    Go Pirates!

  2. ghostlikeswayze Says:

    Same thing happened to me. I promised my pops that I would help him out with a project this weekend so I didn’t get tickets. I will be listening to it on the radio while sitting waist deep in the Neuse.

  3. E Mohn Says:

    Will miss you at the game bro. Hopefully the outcome will be one that you will regret you missed.

  4. J Mohn Says:

    One word sums up the first three games; lackluster.

  5. GhostLikeSwayze Says:

    I agree with lackluster but I think I can sum it up with 3 words:

    Second Half Issues

  6. J Mohn Says:

    5 points in the last 3 2nd halves of football…..

    Maybe Pinkney should play the first half and let either Jordan or Kass play the second. Not that its all on Pinkney but we’ve got to find a way to throw the ball down the field. I mean come on, chicks love the long ball.