Eight ECU football games on the slate with MASN

Thu, Sep 3, 2009

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Earlier today, MASN announced a renewed partnership with the Pirates where they will be carrying eight games throughout the 2009 East Carolina football season. This is big news for the Pirates and its fans as we set sail into a new year filled with great opportunities to get into the national spotlight.

“We are excited to renew our broadcast partnership with MASN,” ECU Director of Athletics Terry Holland said. “The tremendous television exposure that MASN provides, throughout the network’s seven-state territory, benefits our fans and our alumni, and gives our recruiting efforts a shot in the arm.”

Holland is right. We have just gotten an opportunity to be able to gain exposure from Charlotte, NC all the way up to Harrisburg, PA. Tons of sports fans and prospective students & players will be able to watch the Pirates play as we strengthen our brand with some fantastic exposure.We are also going to be getting pre-game coverage for home games and some marketing opportunities on their channels.

(Editor’s Note: They have one of the most awesome commercials in which Ray Lewis comes out and says, “This ain’t no party. This ain’t no disco. This ain’t no foolin’ around.” I am still trying to find it on the Interwebs and I hope they still have that :30 spot rolling this year!)

Of the eight games that will be carried by MASN, three of those games will be broadcast live and the remaining five will be on a delayed broadcast. Of the five delayed broadcast games, two of those will be home games so I am guessing that you will be in your seat at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium and will be pretty happy to get home and be able to watch it again.

You may have heard about some on-going issues with Time Warner Cable involving MASN. Basically, Time Warner Cable is doing what a lot of international conglomerates do and trying to bully the new kid because they are scared of them. I am going to write a post with more detail on this issue but I wanted to get the great news about MASN and ECU first. If you want to find out some more stuff about the Time Warner Cable (and SuddenLink) issues, check out which is a site owned by MASN addressing some of the issues that it has faced while trying to get into North Carolina.

MASN is proud to say that it is North Carolina’s home for NCAA football and basketball featuring ECU, UNCW, UNCC, Davidson, Western Carolina, Appalachian State, Winthrop, Gardner-Webb, Wake Forest, Elon, UNCA and High Point games. MASN will televise this season’s ECU football match-ups with Appalachian State, North Carolina, UCF, SMU, Memphis, Virginia Tech, Tulsa, and UAB.

“Coach Holtz and ECU have built an impressive football program in recent years and MASN is excited about this partnership,” said MASN spokesman Todd Webster. “Fans throughout North Carolina and the mid-Atlantic will look forward to watching the Pirates this season on MASN.”

For those of you that have satellite or one of the fan-friendly cable providers that carries MASN, you are in luck because you will be Arrrggghhh!!!-ing with the Pirates pretty much all season. I am moving into a new apartment next month and you will be beaming a dish out to space to pick up the Pirates and can’t wait to see the Pirates when they are playing games to far for me to travel on a recent grad’s budget.

MASN’s Schedule of ECU Pirates Football includes:
September 5th: ECU vs. Appalachian State (Live at 12:00 p.m.)
September 19th: ECU @ North Carolina (Delayed Broadcast)
September 26th: ECU vs. UCF (Delayed Broadcast)
October 10th: ECU @ SMU (Live at 8:00 p.m.)
October 27th: ECU @ Memphis (Delayed Broadcast)
November 5th: ECU vs. Virginia Tech (Delayed Broadcast)
November 15th: ECU @ Tulsa (Delayed Broadcast)
November 21st: ECU @ UAB (Live at 3:30 p.m.)

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  1. J Mohn Says:

    Can someone explain the in’s and out’s of ESPN ?

  2. ghostlikeswayze Says:

    I am not 100% sure because I have never used it but I am pretty sure that it is online streaming of the game. It works best if you have a really good connection on the Internet. You can also buy some cables to hook it up to your big screen.

    They will be having the ECU/WVU game on there at 3:30pm on Saturday.

    “ is available at no charge to fans who receive their high-speed internet connection from an affiliated internet service provider. is also available to fans that access the internet from U.S. college campuses and U.S. military bases.

    Your current computer network falls outside of these categories. Here’s how you can get access to

    Please select your internet service provider from the list. If you can’t find yours, select “Not Found” at the bottom.

    Switch to an affiliated internet service provider or to contact your internet service provider and request Click here to enter your ZIP code and find out which providers in your area carry offer”

  3. Space Wrangler Says:

    Suddenlink internet subscribers get it, but you have to go to the site from the same home connection of your suddenlink account. For example, I have suddenlink cable/internet at home and can access it there, but I cannot get on espn360 from work (our provider isnt listed).

  4. Capt. Obvious Says:

    A handy tip on getting ESPN 360.

    Works best for me when I use FireFox.


    1) Tools>Options>Advanced Button>Network Tab
    2) Under “connection” click Settings button
    3) select the manual proxy configuration radio button
    4) Next to HTTP Proxy input
    5) Next to Port type in 3128.
    6) Press okay until you get back to your browser.
    7) Go to and select the Schedule tab at the top
    8) On that page you’ll see “watch live” links. Click each of those
    until you see an ESPN 360 loading screen (might have to try a few
    different once before it works)
    9) ONCE THE LOADING SCREEN IS COMPLETE, go back to your internet
    options to the proxy stage and uncheck the proxy (VERY IMPORTANT).

    If it doesn’t work right away, keep trying. It’ll work
    eventually…might have to clear your cookies and history, then retry.


    1) On your browser, go to Tools, then Internet Options.
    2) Click the Connections tab.
    3) Under this tab, go to LAN Settings.
    4) Click the check Use a proxy server.
    5) For the address, put:, for the port put: 3128
    6) Press okay until you get back to your browser.
    7) Go to and select the Schedule tab at the top
    8) On that page you’ll see “watch live” links. Click each of those
    until you see an ESPN 360 loading screen.
    9) ONCE THE LOADING SCREEN IS COMPLETE, go back to your internet
    options to the proxy stage and uncheck the proxy (VERY IMPORTANT).

    Hat tip to Hummell over on the BYB.

    Go Pirates!!

  5. J Mohn Says:

    ECU v West Va. can be seen at the Skybox Bar & Grill in the North Raleigh Hilton on a projection screen via ESPN

  6. Boom Says:

    Does anyone know of any restuarants/bars or anywhere else that will be showing the ECU v. WVU game in Greenville? I would really think/hope it would be on somewhere in the home base of the Pirates.

  7. Brinson Says:

    I heard that Buffalo Wild Wings on Greenville Blvd is showing the game on a 100″ screen.

    Here is a good list from Boneyard Banter:

  8. J Mohn Says:

    ECU gave up way too many big pass plays Saturday. Offensively I have zero confidence in Patrick Pinkney. I’d like to see either Kass or the new guy take some snaps. With that said ECU could have won that game. A lot of missed opportunities in the red zone and they did not take advantage of West Virginia mistakes. Hell, punting the ball was our best offense. Something has got to give or change this week in practice. Right now what I’m seeing is not going to get it done against UNC’s D. I thought we would be better than what we’re seeing on the very outset of the season but it’s still early and West Va. could turn out to be a very good team. Right now ECU is not.