UNC Basketball Jumps the Shark…

Fri, Jul 17, 2009

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…or should I say, womb?

“It was an easy call” said his father Ricky, 19. “I put my mouth right up to Becky’s belly and started yelling real loud-like and I just told him and I said ‘kick one time for Tarheels and kick six times for some other team.’… There was no doubt. He kicked one time.”

“Shoot, he ain’t never kicked six times.” Becky chuckled.

“We all jumped up a hollered!” Ricky continued, exhorting ‘Dan-Dan, you da’ man!”

– Blarrgh! – A Daily Reflector blog

Funny read for a slow Friday.  Seeing how the early recruitment of college basketball players (see: Billy Gillispie) is in vogue these days, this bit of satire could be rather close to the truth before long.  This lil’ guy will be dunking on LeBron in mere months after birth!

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(Thanks Dangerous Dave!)

ECU should have a solid squad by 2032.  Put ole’ UNC on the schedule!

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2 Comments For This Post

  1. Red Hot Mama Says:

    There ain’t nothing like recruiting fetuses. In 20 years, I wouldn’t be surprised if these crazy ass mothers start having C-sections just to get their kid out so he can start practicing. Gotta love (not respect) the attempt from the Reflector to come off like The Onion.

  2. Wrangler's Wife Says:

    Now the rules are the rules are the rules are the rules! Don’t knock your roots and what you’ve grown up watching and loving now. Even if its all in good fun ;). I mean some people can’t help being born with blue blood in their veins :). It’s a gift! Talk dirty about that RED school instead.