ECU Girls…Best in the World: Danielle Moinet

Fri, Jul 17, 2009

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We are developing a new segment on 200 Years Too Late called “ECU Girls…Best in the World” where we will feature a new ECU girl monthly and interview them about what they have been doing since they graduated and we are going to be starting off this segment with a bang.

Danielle Moinet is our debut girl for the “ECU Girls…Best in the World” segment and she is all over the place these days. Really…she is everywhere from the sides of buses to billboards to the racetrack to the gridiron to the Interwebs. Just listening to everything she does made me tired. Hell…you can even play beer pong on top of her.

Danielle is from Raleigh, NC and went to the good ol E.C. for four years where she was a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority and the dominant player on their Powder Puff intramural team. She graduated and got a job in her hometown before deciding that she wanted to move to the Windy City.

200 Years Too Late was able to get a couple minutes of her free (but very limited) time to ask her a few questions about what she has been doing since she graduated. Check out the interview below:

Danielle Moinet 4

200: The Chicago Bliss was one of the four original teams in the LFL in that developed out of the Super Bowl halftime show that wasn’t actually on the same channel as the Super Bowl called the Lingerie Bowl. What does it feel like to be the captain of one of the original teams? Have your teammates been putting the pressure on you?

DM: I’m so proud to be captain of one of the best teams in the league! The group of women that make up the Chicago Bliss are amazing.  They are some of the most athletic, intelligent, and beautiful women that I have ever met!  They also have a very strong work ethic which has brought us extremely close as a team.  They don’t have to put any pressure on me because I’m very hard on myself.  I’ve set my goals very high for this team and the league and I know we will reach them!

200: Is playing for the Bliss a full time job? If not, what kind of jobs do you do on the side?

DM: Lately between practice, personal training, and appearances it has become a full time gig!  Other than The Bliss, I travel the NASCAR circuit as a media spokes model for I make radio and TV appearances for them in each market. I’ve had the opportunity to be on Good Morning Arizona, Good Morning Dallas, The SPEED channel, and many more!

200: Sweet jeebus. I can’t begin to imagine doing that much.

The girls on the Chicago Bliss roster range from 105 lbs to 132 lbs. Doesn’t this open the door for anyone on the field to lay out anyone else on the field?

DM: I’ve seen some of the smallest girls make the biggest hits so I think any girl on that playing field is capable in making any kind of play!

Danielle Moinet 2

200: The LFL has a different sized playing field than the NFL. The NFL field is 30 yards wider and 50 yards longer than the LFL field. As a defensive player, you must love that the running backs are forced to run straight at you instead of trying to run around you. (Editor’s Note: The LFL only allows 7 players on the field whereas the NFL allows 11 players on the field.) What advantages or disadvantages are there to playing on a smaller field?

DM: The obvious advantage with a tighter field is that it forces the offense to come inside which creates more contact!  Thus it makes the game much more exciting for both the fans and the players.

The only disadvantage is that there is a higher percentage of punishing hits which could wear down some less conditioned teams. This is offset though by a shorter game clock and not a factor for our team!

200: Side question…Are the fields going to have goal posts? It is kind of beyond me to think about watching football without those beautiful yellow posts. I think I might be able to manage if there are hot chicks running around the field in lingerie while tackling each other in the dirt. I am guessing it will probably make me forget about the posts altogether.

DM: Side answer….we do have yellow goals posts  but they are not in the ground .  They come from the ceiling like in arena football.

200: Sneaky…Currently, there are 10 teams in the LFL. The Bliss are set to open up the season against the Miami Caliente on September 4th in Chicago. With three more games in the 2009 schedule, who do you think will become the Bliss’ rival? Are there any girls on other teams that you have met that you have in your cross hairs to punish on the gridiron?

DM: Haha, well we don’t concern ourselves with any other teams.  We’re busy training hard and concentrating on September 4th.

200: I know the season hasn’t started, but with all of the press that you and the LFL have been getting, you must have some pretty adoring fans. Do you have any crazy stories from encounters with your fans?

DM: The Chicago Bliss have some of the best fans in the league!  Chicago has been so welcoming to us.  Except someone did steal a uniform out of our locker room!  For those of you that would like an official game day uniform, you can get them at  And for the guy out there wearing the Chicago Bliss uniform…please return it!  Actually, I’m not sure if we want it back!

200: Creepy…I am a huge music fan. What are the last three songs that you listened to on your iPod?

DM: Let me see…Kings of Leon – Use Somebody…Jeremih – Birthday Sex and…Pink – Who Knew.

Danielle Moinet 6

200: What songs do you listen to before practice to get you pumped up to knock the other girls on their asses?

DM: Drowning Pool – Let the bodies hit the floor and Saliva – Ladies and Gentleman are two of my favorites but I also listen to them when I’m in the gym too!

200: Wow. That is some hardcore music. Definitely good face smashing music.

The Lingerie Football League has gained a lot of love from the bloggers. I know you have an extremely busy schedule but what blogs do you read on the norm?

DM: I love reading all of the blogs!  Since y’all starting covering us very early on I always read the Observation Bubble. I also read Gunaxin for sports and The Bachelor Guy to keep up with what all the guys are in to these days. As far as entertainment news and gossip, I love Perez Hilton!  I also follow all of these blogs on Twitter for instant mobile updates!

200: Nice. I am a big fan of Gunaxin and The Bachelor Guy. They have great content and help me make it through the work day.

Since you are always on the go for the LFL and your modeling career and your public relations work, what do you do to stay in shape? You must be tempted by a lot of food when you are out on the road.

DM: I’ve always been very active and I love working out.  Lately in the gym I’ve been doing a lot of weight training and I’ve seen instant results!  I am always eating but I eat lots of small meals throughout the day.  I think it’s very important to do what your body says. I eat when I’m hungry, and I stop when I’m full! If I crave something, I eat it.

200: I follow the same rule but it just doesn’t seem to work that well for me.

What do you miss most about Greenville?

DM: I miss the comfort of a small town.  Being able to just walk around and bump into people or driving down the street and seeing someone you know! That just doesn’t really happen in a city as big as Chicago, at least not like it does in Greenville.  I also miss Cubbie’s! Yum!

200: If you were going to give some pointers to current ECU linebackers Melvin Patterson and Nick Johnson, what is the best advice that you could give them?

DM: Well I’m sure they’ve been playing this game a lot longer than I have so I should be taking advice from them!  But if I had to give some advice I would say the most important thing is keying on the guard.  This will help the linebackers decipher the plays.  Rarely does the guard give false information.

200: What is your fondest memory from East Carolina football when you were in school?

DM: Definitely the tailgating!  You can’t beat some Parker’s BBQ and having your closest friends around on a beautiful sunny day in eastern North Carolina!

Danielle Moinet Heisman Pose

200: I agree with that but I might have to go with B’s on the BBQ if I am up early enough to get there. Do you ever rock any ECU Pirate gear while you are practicing for the Bliss?

DM: To tell you the truth I’ve pretty much worn out or lost the majority of my pirate gear which makes me sad.  I would love to wear some during practice so I’ll make sure to stock up on some when I come down to visit!

200: We are going to have to work on that for you. Hopefully, we can pull together a big variety of Pirate gear.  ***If you are reading this and would like to help Danielle get her collection of Pirate gear back, shoot us an e-mail and we will send you 200YTL’s address so we can send her a box of Pirate gear.***

We heard on Pirate Radio 1250 that you are going to try and make it back for the homecoming game against Rice on October 17th. Do you think you will be able to make it back for any other games with your hectic schedule?

DM: Homecoming is probably the only game I’ll be able to come back for because of our football schedule.  I’m really looking forward to it though so I hope I will be able to make it!

200: Danielle…thanks for taking the time to talk with us. I think I am going to head up to Professor O’Cool’s the night before the App. St. game and check out the Bliss game. Best of luck to you and we hope you come to to keep up with all the news about the Pirates. See you at the homecoming game!

Follow Danielle on Twitter or become a fan of her on Facebook or connect with her on MySpace. Yes…she is all over the social media scene.

If you have any suggestions for who would make a good “ECU Girls…Best in the World” candidate, shoot us an e-mail at and we will see what we can do about getting them on here.

200: We heard on Pirate Radio 1250 that you are going to try and make it back for the homecoming game against Rice on October 17th. Do you think you will be able to make it back for any other games with your hectic schedule?

DM: Homecoming is probably the only game I’ll be able to come back for because of our football schedule.  I’m really looking forward to it though so I hope I will be able to make it!

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